From Humble Beginnings to Great Heights


Not to brag, but your search for clothing that defines “Free Flow, Dynamic and Quality” ends here! With slow fashion that is responsibly produced and exudes power as well as grace with every stitch, Nashional Permit is here to serve your desire to dress in a duality of emotions. We strive to keep it all unique and smart, with room for a little magic through creations that are hand-tailored and embroidered by talented craftsmen. Escorted by effortless silhouettes, we piggyback your glee of work-leisure hybrids for all you work-hard and party-harder beauties.

We are a just-for-you concept, for you to be yourself, for you to make your own rules and redefine the rules of fashion. We create for you trans-seasonal classics with made-to-measure styles to make your BODY breathe easy and exhibit a flexi-leisure drama to your artful expression. Amp up your happy hormones with path-breaking, dopamine dressing, that is in fact, ethically sourced and possesses dynamic and effortless silhouettes. Don’t just eavesdrop, but be the navigator of fashion.


Nashional Permit is the brainchild of Ms Neha Pandey which
started expressing itself to the world in April 2022. The founder
is an alumnus of the London College of Fashion. She is a
designer, strategist, businesswoman and globetrotter who
often finds her inspiration from her life and surroundings, and
inculcates them into her creative process.

She is one with a local heart and a global mind. Being a feeler
with a plethora of emotions and wanting to reflect her affirmative
actions through her creations, she aims to promote an inclusive
work environment and leisure dressing which resonates well
with 9-to-dine.

If someday she disappears, we can ensure you that you will find
her sitting on the beach, or somewhere offbeat.